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Explore, Discover, Grow

Developing core skills of movement enhances confidence, flexibility and coordination, all while the kids are having fun and being active.

Movement can also play an important role when kids are learning and growing. It assists with concentration, focus and engagement, along with building their self-esteem.
The thrill of seeing the nervous, shy kid in the class overcome a challenge and beam with confidence is why we are in this game, and why we love it as much as the kids!

EdGym was created out of a desire to help kids grow and develop, and we recognize that children have so many choices of sports to play, yet so many don’t have the ability, confidence or skills to enjoy sport like the talented ones.

Our Ethos is to Explore, Discover and Grow. Exploring the endless ways we can move our bodies, discovering the sensations and excitement that movement presents, and growing the confidence and ability of the kids, and setting them the challenge to want to explore and discover more on their own.

Incorporating EdGym as part of your PE program creates an atmosphere of excitement, engagement and eagerness to learn, while at the same time improving confidence, focus and engagement to assist in all areas of the kids development.

The Founders of EdGym

Over 20 years ago, two of Australia¹s finest Elite Gymnasts finished competing on the world stage and created EdGym. Grant Carlyon and Suzette Johnson¹s passion and love for the freedom of movement has been passed on to millions of children around Australia through the programs they developed.

In establishing EdGym, the most important thing was to create a program for every child at every level. And for the skills to help them to be safe in daily life and to enable them to play sport at a level they would enjoy.

Explore Discover Grow

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