EveryBODY Loves EdGym!


– QANTAS Lauren Mitchell Gymbus Event

– Frank Niemen, St Gerard’s Primary School

– Narelle Crozier, Mt Claremont Primary School

– Mark Miloro, St Gerard’s Primary School

We have been using the Ed Gym program at Mount Claremont for several years now and it remains a very popular program with children, staff and parents. We have found it a great way to start the year as it helps improve the children’s fitness, strength and focus. It builds the children’s movement skills and body awareness, which is a good preparation for moving into other sports.

The benefits of the program over time become obvious when new students start at school. I have observed a huge difference in skills, body awareness and safety between students who have participated for a number of years and those who are new to the program.

I would highly recommend the Ed Gym program to any school looking for a quality gymnastics program.

– Liz Greenwood, Gym coordinator

As a teacher in a government primary school, I realized that we did not have the resources to adequately teach the gymnastics component of the PE curriculum. Six years ago we introduced our Year K-5 students to the EdGym program and we haven’t looked back.

The confidence and satisfaction that students have displayed when achieving a skill that they thought was beyond them has been a highlight. When new students arrive at our school and participate in EdGym, it is always very evident that they have not been involved in such a program, one that teaches lifelong movement skills.

Students at North Beach PS love EdGym and as a PE teacher with more than 20 years experience, I love what it brings to the curriculum.

– Di Hoffman, North Beach PS

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